My Top 5 NYC Hangover Foods

Hangovers don’t come as frequently as they once did when I was younger (and child free). These days, when they come, they come with such a vengance it’s as though they are making up for lost time.

A fun and frequent topic of discussion among my food loving friends is “What is your ultimate hangover meal?”

No food is going to do you any good if you were doing Patron Cafe shots with bourbon chasers all night, but for medium to moderate hangovers, a good meal can set you straight. I read that Fergus Henderson, a chef I admire, swears by deviled lamb kidneys. While delicious, I usually don’t have lamb kidneys in the fridge. You may live in a part of the world where once is able to acquire lamb organs at the corner store. I do not.  As a result, I’ve limited this list to 5 foods that I’ve eaten in my home town that have gotten me through some tough times.

One note: I am the first person to admit that the worst hangovers are best serviced by ordering whatever carb heavy food that can be delivered to your doorstep. That’s no fun. Sometimes, I forgo that extra double rye on the rocks so that I know that I’ll be in optimal hangover eating mode the next morning. I can only take this to mean that either I am growing up and my priorities are shifting, or (more likely) I’m just obsessed with food.

So, here they are. My favorite hangover foods:

5- Uova in Trippa from Il Posto Accanto
(with a side of spicy grilled sausage)

I think that this dish makes the list because I used to live in the neighborhood in my 20’s (peak hangover time). Basically this is a plain, thin omelet that  has been cut in to thin strips so it looks like pasta. Then it is tossed in tomato sauce and basil, loaded up with cheese, and served with some crusty italian bread. No hangover food is complete without some greasy protein, so I always get the spicy grilled sausage to go with it.

4- The Scotch Egg snack at The Breslin

IMG From

If you’ve done any traveling around the UK, the greyish disgusting, pre-packaged scotch egg is a ubiquitous food item at your finer 7-11s and gas stations. I mean, the traditional recipe itself is epic; egg, surrounded by sausage meat, breaded and fried. How can so many people screw it up so bad? April Bloomfield‘s version at The Breslin is neither grey or disgusting. It is the perfect accompaniement to a spicy Bloody Mary. Get some friend to go with it and you’ll be golden.

3- The Good Morning Dog from Criff Dogs

I mean, not much more can be said about this that it’s recipe doesn’t say already.
It is a hot dog…
Topped with A FRIED EGG!!!
and MELTED CHEESE!!!!!!!
The surgeon general warns that you should only consume like 2 of these a year, as long as you follow up by running a triathlon.

2- 8 Hour Tripe and Fried Eggs from Locanda Verde
This is just an amazing brunch meal. Apparently the Locanda Verde team slow roasts the tripe in their wood burning oven overnight. It comes out on the tender side of chewy. It is then covered in tomato sauce and breadcrumbs, and topped with two fried eggs. After that, your stomach will be able to handle anything.


1- The sausage / egg / cheese bagel sandwich from Hot Bialy
What can I say? Deep down, I’m a simple guy. I have gone on record (go ahead, look it up*) saying that the sausage, egg, cheese sandwich (or SEC in deli language) is the perfect hangover breakfast. Protein, grease, and carbs. The carbs are the important part. My favorite SEC is from Hot Bialy because of their constant supply of fresh bagels. They are on many lists of Top Bagels in NYC and are delicious plain, but when the juice from a sausage patty seeps in to the bread, something special happens.

*don’t really look it up

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