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Adam Lajara- Personal Chef to Julius Randle- Plus coffee culture, crappy beer, Asian food halls, and the West Palm Beach ”dining” scene

Adam Lajara is just an all-around good guy. After working hard on the line in restaurants and at hotels, he transitioned to becoming a private chef. His current client is Julius Randle (yes, All-Star NY Knick, Julius Randle). Adam sets the menus, makes sure Julius hits all of his nutritional requirements, and even cooks for the entire Randle family- including the kids. After listening to Adam for a minute, what stands out is how grateful and blessed he feels every day. Whether he is slogging away as a line cook, or catering to the Randle family, Adam keeps his positive attitude. We talked to him one night, after a long day of work, and although he must have been exhausted, you couldn’t tell at all. 

Plus, we talk about the resurgence of coffee as a drink ingredient, crappy college alcohol consumption, Mikey’s trip to West Palm Beach, and Tom’s visit to a Flushing food hall. 


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