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And We’re Back! Season 3 Premiere: CLAWSZN, Chai Mishra, Giorgia Caporuscio

by Mike Miranti

After a very long 3 month hiatus (sans North Fork Summit), Tom and I got back into the lab to record 2 incredible interviews and had a Skype call to catch up on our summers. My catchup was pretty quick. I moved even further uptown, but now I have a dishwasher and a kitchen island so no more complaining about cooking in my apartment. I also penned this article which got over 3.2 clicks in a week. If you haven’t seen it I would really appreciate if you could take an extra 5 minutes and read it

Tom and his family took an incredible trip out to Australia to see The Great Barrier Reef and eat all the seafood that the entire continent had to offer. His favorite was a bar and restaurant run by the local lifeguards as a way to self-fund; a low key spot right on the beach with great prices and vibes.


Spiked Seltzers took the world by storm this summer. White Claw, in particular, flexed their branding/marketing genius because they were everywhere this summer. The sparkling malt beverage has great bubbles and light and refreshing flavor, they also weigh in at 5% so these guys do the same damage as a Bud Light. You couldn’t go to a single party this summer without seeing some sort of boozy seltzer. Four Loko even got in on it and photoshopped their own 14% one just to see how people would react, and obviously twitter fell in love with the idea.

(Editors note: Call me an old man, but I still don’t get the whole concept of getting drunk on flavored water- Tom)

Chai Mishra and Move

Two weeks ago while scrolling through Instagram I saw an ad for an entirely online Supermarket called Move. I checked out the website and was very impressed with what I saw. Move is an entirely transparent Supermarket disruptor who is sourcing the highest quality products from all over the world and selling them for 30% less than other retailers. They also have such an open dialogue with their customers that the CEO gives out his cell phone number for your to text him, so I obviously did.

“Hey Chai, I’m all in on Move. Would you like to come on my food culture podcast?” was literally all it took to book him on to our show. I’m so glad he did because he was great to talk to and I learned so much more about the product. We try not to do many phone interviews because of the sound quality and overall feel but this is a must-listen. If you like what NotAFoodie is about, you are going to like what Move is about and will want to be an early adopter of theirs. Check out their Kickstarter

(Editor’s note- In the interest of full transparency, I am a Kickstarter investor on this product. Mike sent the link and I immediately invested. I love the idea)

Giorgia Caporuscio and the NYC Pizza Festival

Giorgia Caporuscio, The Queen of Neapolitan Pizza, is the Master Pizzaiolo of both Keste Pizza and Vino locations and Don Antonio all located in Manhattan. She stopped by the studio to talk to us about Neapolitan Pizza, how to make and ferment Pizza Dough at home, and the classes that she teaches at Keste.

The 2nd Annual Pizza Festival is this weekend on October 5th and 6th. Giorgia, Tom, and I will all be there. This free festival is a bridge between Naples and New York. After you get there you can buy tickets for Pizza and Wine, VIP Options are also available. Check it out here

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