Burmese Lunch, Best Ice Cream in Queens, Dollar Grilled Cheese

By: Mike Miranti

Our first podcast post-AM Radio. We had a really incredible 6 months long run of 25 episodes. We never missed a week and booked a guest for almost every single one. I’m incredibly proud of the work that Tom and I did, and the content that we made. That being said, we are on hiatus from the radio for a bit because… well, we needed a break.

Instead of recording at the studio in Greenpoint this week, we went back to Tom’s dining room table in Queens. But before we sat down for the podcast we had lunch at Asian Bowl, an unassuming Burmese restaurant that blew us away. We tried a few different dishes which we speak about on the podcast. This is a place you would drive past 99 times out of 100, but when you finally eat there you will be pissed at yourself for passing it up so many times.

After lunch, Tom took me to Max and Mina’s, a homemade ice cream parlor in Kew Garden Hills. I cut my teeth at a different ice cream parlor. We discuss why they are both incredibly different and wonderful.

Last but not least we discuss the $1 Grilled Cheese Truck, and guess what?

We’re keeping the Cocktail Segment!

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