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Eating Wilbur- February Piggy Stats

Ah February.

The month of my birth. What better way to spend a dreary, snow-filled month than knocking off some key pig parts in my quest to eat a whole pig? When I first started this little experiment, I was high on New Year’s resolutions and I thought it would be fun. The high faded as the holidays ended and I started to really think about all of the parts of a pig that I would have to eat. Then you pesky readers started commenting and emailing me with pieces of the pig that I forgot to include. My quest to eat a pig was starting to become quite the project. I had no idea when (or if) I was going to be able to eat some of the weirder bits of Wilbur, but February proved to be a banner month in porcine eating opportunities. I went to the Breslin’s sucking pig dinner, I dined with some friends at Fette Sau – an awesome BBQ joint in Brooklyn, and I took a trip to London, where pig is found on almost every menu.

Here are some highlights:

The Breslin– I wrote a whole post on this, so I won’t go in to too much detail. This place provided ample opportunity for me to chow down on parts that I really hadn’t thought of. I ate eye, ear, tail, snout and brain. I honestly didn’t know if I was going to be able to find a pig brain anywhere. I didn’t even know if it was safe to eat. I guess if you look at the cholesterol count- it really isn’t.
(Note: Just in case anyone is wondering, my cholesterol is perfectly fine and I’m also balancing out my pig eating with days of vegetarianism. Thanks for worrying about me… You guys are the best!)

London–  You can find pig on any menu in the good ol’ UK. Bangers for breakfast lunch and dinner, ham sandwiches, pork belly- all were common sites everywhere we went. I was actually surprised that it took me 2 days after landing at Heathrow to eat any pork at all. One of the best pieces of Wilbur I ate while in London was the pork belly from Hereford Road. I wrote about it here. Fatty and tender… exactly what Wilbur’s belly is supposed to taste like.

Without further ado, here are the stats:
Most eaten cut of Wilbur by percentage (less than 100%) – RIBS 80%
I continue my domination of Wilbur’s ribs. This month had a lot of unusual rib consumption because of three main factors
1- The Superbowl- I smoked a few racks for a get-together we had to watch the game.
2- The Breslin Dinner
3- Mrs. Notafodie’s parents visited and we decided that it would be fun to throw some more ribs on the smoker
All-in-all, February was the month of the ribs!

Least eaten cut of Wilbur by percentage- HAM 5.8%
Although I upped my game from last month, I still have doubts that I’ll be able to eat both of Wilbur’s hams over the course of the year. That’s just too much pig backside for one person!

Broken Down by Percentage:

Wilbur is running scared... squeal like a pig for me!

Planning Ahead
I’m psyched for March for a few reasons, but mainly because I’m heading on down to the land of BBQ- Austin, TX for the SXSWi conference. I plan on geeking out about blogging, social media, webcasting, and of course pig! So, if any of you folks are going to be in Austin for the conference and feel like meeting up to help me move those pink bars above to the right, drop me a line! We’ll plan a pig-up.


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    • Mmmmm… The chicharrón will come when I buy a belly to make fresh bacon. Nothing goes to waste!


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