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Eating Wilbur- January Piggy Stats

So, I’m one month in to my little experiment. I’ve eaten pulled pork sliders from Brother Jimmy’s, I’ve made two different kinds of pork roasts, I’ve eaten lots of ribs, and I’ve learned a few things:

-There are a bunch of different pieces of the pig that I totally forgot about- mostly digestive parts.

-I eat a LOT of pork from the loin. I guess that makes sense because that’s where the most roasts come from, as well as pork chops. I will have no problem eating the whole loin on Wilbur

-I don’t eat nearly as much bacon as I thought. In fact in all of January I did not eat one piece of bacon. I KNOW, I CANT BELIEVE IT EITHER!!!

-Whether it’s in chorizo, Italian, or breakfast form, sausage is always good!

Here are the stats:
Most eaten cut of Wilbur by percentage- RIBS 20%
This is not too surprising since ribs don’t have too much meat and you can eat a bunch without feeling like a (pardon the pun) pig. The best ribs I had this month were when Mrs. Notafoodie and I had some friends over for dinner. We got a bone in loin roast from our good friend Mitch The Butcher (everyone should have a butcher… even better if his name is “Mitch”). We removed the ribs, stuffed it with garlic and rosemary, then tied the ribs back on to the roast for cooking (it imparts great flavor). After the loin was done, while it was resting, I took the ribs off and put them back in to the oven at high heat for another 15 minutes. This made them super crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Least eaten cut of Wilbur by percentage- HAM 1.6%
One of the larger cuts of the piggy is the good ol’ ham. For the purposes of this highly scientific study in to the amount of pig one man stuffs in to his face over the course of a year, I estimated that Wilbur will give up 28lbs of ham. That, dear reader, is a LOT of Wilbur. I usually don’t have ham sandwiches for lunch, or baked hams for dinner. My ham fix this month came mostly from grazing at buffets and antipasto courses. I had prosciutto and some Boars Head ham (I’m no fancy pants… I eat Boars Head just like the rest of you). I anticipate that ham consumption will go up over the summer when I order some ham steaks from my CSA for grilling, but as I thought, I doubt I’ll be able to  finish Wilbur’s whole back side.

…And the complete breakdown:
Some selected meals:
Jan 5- Brother Jimmy’s MSG– Pulled Pork Quesedillas – 8oz (shoulder)
Jan 8- Rib roast of pork 2 chops 4 bones Whipped lardo on toasted bread (4oz)
Jan 10-13 Leftovers – 3 chops
Jan 17- 1 loin chop in spicy garlic hoison stir fry
Jan 19- chorizo omelet  (3oz from shoulder)
Jan 23- Hawaiian salted pineapple roast -3/4lb from loin, studded with lardo (2oz)
Jan 30- Pork / Beef meatloaf – .25lb ground pork (This was awesome and I will post the recipe)
Misc- Sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches (2)

Broken down by percentage:

Note: Although I plan on eating almost every part of Wilbur, I've left the offal (kidneys, heart, etc.) off the chart. Believe me, you'll hear about it when I make headcheese or bake a kidney pie.

Planning Ahead
February should prove to be a Wilbur filled month. Mrs. Notafoodie and I, along with a group of friends (Friends of Notafoodie?), are doing the whole suckling pig meal at The Breslin. I’m also in the process of making guanciale (or Italian super bacon) with my #Chartutepalooza friends. Super Bowl Sunday is always prime Wilbur eating time. Oh, and this morning I started February off with a few strips of bacon… just for good measure.

8 thoughts on “Eating Wilbur- January Piggy Stats

    • tmiale

      Thanks dude. The chart is awesome for a variety of reasons… let us dissect it:
      1- It lists pig parts
      2- It features a personification of a pig running scared
      3- Obviously I have mad Photoshop skillz.

  • MikeyP

    Ass and tummy, ass ass and tummy.

    I know your note does not have organs and snout and such, but I think you should add it. When it is not listed as zero it will shine like a beacon of triumph!


    • tmiale

      Mikey- you talked me in to it. All of the icky bits will be on my next post.
      Also, when is our pig roast ?

  • I should never read your blog before dinner, especially when we’re not having pork. Two questions – the Hawaiian Salted Pineapple Roast – was that made with red Hawaiian sea salt? Might there be pig on the menu when visitors from the frozen white north visit later in the month?

    • tmiale

      Diane- i kept meaning to email you. Yes, we used the red Hawaiian sea salt that you gave me for Christmas. It was great. We have all of the salts in the bread box next to the stove and use them quite a bit.

      And, if pork is what you want, I’m sure we’ll be able to accommodate 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Just a note to all followng my progress. There is no better place to knock off a few pounds of hog than Fette Sau – in Brooklyn! Not only do they have awesome BBQ, but they serve by the pound. I still smell like smoked pork belly.

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