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Eating Wilbur- March Piggy Stats

March came in like a piglet and went out like a hog. Along the way, I knocked off some more piggy parts on my year-long quest to eat a whole pig. This month gave some good porcine chowing opportunities.

Here are the highlights:

Austin, TX-
I wrote a whole post on this, so I won’t go in to too much detail, but needless to say I ate lots of piggy while down at this BBQ Mecca for the SXSW Festival. I had smoked ribs, bacon, pork chops and more bacon. The best way I have ever seen bacon served was at a bar on 6th street that made the most perfect Bloody Mary… topped off with 2 strips of bacon. Of course I drank a few of ’em. You know, for research. This perfect combination hangover cure / breakfast cocktail deserves it’s own post. Luckily I took notes and pictures because that morning  is a bit hazy

Peter Lugers
This is another place that deserves it’s own post (some day). I went there for what my friends and I have creatively dubbed “Man Steak Club”. No, it’s not some bar in Chelsea, it’s an excuse for my friends and I to get together for a good steak once every couple of months. I’ve said too much. The first rule of Steak Club is that you don’t talk about Steak Club.
Lugers is, hands down, my FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT A STEAK. It is a church of steak. After a long day of being omnipotent, this is where GOD goes for a rare dry-aged porterhouse and a scotch.
So, you may ask, “Why are you writing about this temple of beef in a post about eating a pig?”. Because Lugers has the best appetizer for a hog hound like me. Simply put, it’s BACON. That’s all. Nothing more. You order it by the strip and it comes lonely on a large plate swimming in it’s own thick cut, fatty goodness. It is my favorite strip of bacon. (Idea for new post: “Top 5 strips of bacon I have ever eaten”). Anyway, here’s a picture of it. I dare you not to lick your computer screen.

Without further ado, here are the monthly stats:

Ladies and gentlemen, as of March 13th 2011, I have eaten a whole pig’s worth of ribs!
This is actually not too surprising since there is virtually no meat on an individual rib, and I’ve been going to a lot of places that serve ribs. I have an odd feeling of accomplishment here. Now I can concentrate on other parts.

Most eaten cut of Wilbur by percentage (less than 100%) – BELLY 32.8%
Now that those ribs are out of the way, bring on the belly. The belly is a magical place. You can roast it, braise it, smoke it, make bacon, make pancetta, or just plain rub it for good luck. You’re going down, belly!

Least eaten cut of Wilbur by percentage- HAM 6.96%
Yeah, the ham is still posing a problem. I’m going to have to come up with a strategy. Any suggestions?

Broken Down by Percentage:

Do you feel that, Wilbur? That’s me breathing down your neck!

Planning Ahead
April is here and that means… BASEBALL (Let’s Go Mets!)… which also means… BALLPARK FOOD!
I fully anticipate upping my pig consumption by scarfing down some Mama’s of Corona heros at Citi Field this month. Mama’s makes one of the BEST Italian sandwiches in the borough. Play ball!


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