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Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You Our New Vintage

As some of you know (because I’ve talked about it in earlier posts), I’m an amateur bootlegger. Well, not really, but I do make my own wine at home. It’s something my grandfather had done for years and other members of the family still do. September is grape crushing season. The air is chilly, the leaves are turning, and the smell of juicy grapes fermenting in a tub in the basement  fills the house (something Mrs. Notafoodie could do without).

Anyway, last year we made a couple of bottles, but I wanted to share the label that I designed in honor of our newest edition. The wine is called Eleanor Rose,. It is a fruity Barbera that is fairly drinkable.

It passes the NotAFoodie test of not making you go blind after you drink it. So, there’s that.

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