Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

I am definitely not a professional cook, but there are a few gadgets that I feel are necessities around our kitchen. It’s a little bit late, but for all of you last minute shoppers that have food and cooking lovers on their lists, here’s a list of the top 5 cooking related items that I use:

1- KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixers– This has been good for my amateur meat grinding experiments. I use it to grind meat for sausages, terrines, and even to make cranberry orange relish for Thanksgiving. Some day, if I decide to buy a whole pig, I might need to get a stand along grinder, but for now this is just fine

2-CDN Dual Sensing Probe Thermometer and Timer I use this for EVERYTHING. It’s amazing for any roast that goes in to the oven, but I find myself just using the timer function independently. I can honestly say that having this on my stove has changed the way I cook. It totally relieves stress knowing exactly how long things are going to be in the oven, on the stove, or just resting after a roast.

3- Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender with Whisk and Chopper Attachments – I use this almost every day. I use it to make a quick banana-yogurt-soy breakfast shake. We used it to puree Notafoodie Jr’s dinner for the first year. I use it to make soups nice and smooth. Mrs. Notafoodie just used it to chop nuts for Christmas cookies. It’s compact and works great!

4- Peugeot Chateauneuf u’Select 9-1/2-Inch Pepper Mill – When we were registering for wedding gifts, Mrs. Notafoodie and I decided to scan this bad boy as a joke. I mean, come on, a pepper mill made by a car company? This thing is totally expensive and probably not worth it, but I use it all of the time. Holding it, you KNOW that it’s going to last forever. I’m sure there are less expensive ones out there, but I definitely use this EVERY DAY.

5- Salt Server – Another item that I use every day. It’s filled with kosher salt and sits right next to my cook top. Obviously you don’t need to spend a lot on a specialized salt bowl, but having good salt readily available is amazingly convenient.

What about you? Are there any items that are in your kitchen that you use almost every day? Any simple tricks to make cooking a bit more convenient?

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