The Second Annual NotAFoodie North Fork Summit

By- Mike Miranti

What a week we had out in Southold! For the second year in a row, Tom (editor’s note: That’s ME!) hosted me and a few of our friends for a week of incredible food, drinks, and views.

Our first meal was at Noah’s in Greenport. The incredible Jean Lee(@jeaniuseat) set it up for us, and the team at Noah’s knocked it out of the park. From the first bite of Crab Deviled Eggs to the last bite of their Lobster Roll, everything was fresh and full of flavor. Chef Noah takes a lot of pride in being creative with his small plates and left a lasting impression on us

For dinner that night we threw a 5-course meal with some of our friends including Savannah Peterson (@savissavvy) and Brittany Degirolamo(@brita_ny) (editor’s note: Special thanks to Brit, Sav, Jean, Yancey and anyone else who took photos. As you’ll see, I was a bit busy cooking, and didn’t manage to take one photo- Tom). Jean worked her magic again and got the legend himself Pat LaFrieda to sponsor our dinner. Pat sent us POUNDS of Italian Sausage, his signature hamburgers, and 2 MASSIVE Tomahawk Ribeyes. We also stopped by the Southold Fish Market for some Fluke and Clams.

If you’ve ever listened to our show before you know that while Tom is a Titan in the kitchen, I can throw down a little myself. Tom grabbed the reins of the dinner while I played prep cook and saucier(more on that later)

First Course:
A Fluke Crudo: Thin slices of local fresh-caught Fluke marinated in citrus with radish and jalapeno

This was such a nice way to start the dinner, fresh fish and bright citrus. A very light dish to get us salivating for everything to come. Tom also flexing with his knife skills, butchering this fish perfectly.

Second Course:
Cataplana Stew: A North Fork take on a classic Portuguese Stew made with Tomatoes, Clams, and Italian Sausage.

This was actually my favorite course of the night. Partly because it was delicious and partly because its something I’ve never had before. Classically this dish is done with Pork Shoulder and simmered for hours, but this recipe is made with Sausage (Pat LaFrieda’s to be more specific) and is packed with flavor. This is a great dish to make for a large group

Intermezzo: LaFrieda Cheeseburgers

Tom grilled up 6 Cheeseburgers (Lettuce Tomato and Kraft Singles) while I went into his fridge and whipped up a Mac Sauce. I learned how to make Mac Sauce a few months ago and this has become my go-to party trick. It’s just Mayo, Ketchup, Relish, and a little bit of White Vinegar. If for some reason you don’t have White Vinegar you can use Pickle Juice. We cut them up into halves and everyone enjoyed.

4th Course: Tomahawks!!!
Before getting into this course I just need to describe these two steaks. On the podcast, we described them as “Louisville Slugger, Jason Giambi, Bash Brothers, Mark and José.” If you’re not a baseball fan, these were BIG BOYS. Tom fired up his kamado grill and got it so hot that it broke the thermometer on the grill. After grilling them to a perfect Medium- Rare with a vicious char they rested for about an hour and when we cut into them they were PERFECT. The Ribeyes melted in your mouth while your jaw was on the floor.

Dessert: Briermere Farms Pie

Brittany and her friend got to the house a little later than the rest of us so we sent them on a mission to pick up dessert from the best bakery out east. Briermere Farms is a North Fork Institution and they did not disappoint with both their Blueberry Pie and their Raspberry Cream Pie. It was the perfect end to the night.

I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible cocktails that we were drinking while all the cooking was going on. My good friend and former guest Yancy Violi (@barandbowtie) and his partner in crime, Veronica Lodge (@msveronicalodge) wrote a cocktail menu and came with printed and laminated cocktail menus for the event. Yancy somehow even figured out the font that we used, downloaded it and used it for the menu. The cocktails were sponsored by Hellisoy Vodka (Shoutout to Noah for joining us for dinner) and Hella Cocktail Company sent along some bitters.

This event was a smashing success and we plan on growing it even larger next year (maybe even a ticketed event coming up sooner than later???)

This will probably be our last podcast for the summer as we will be traveling in August and might not be able to record until the fall. Don’t worry though because we have some great guests lined up for the fall!

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