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When I started this blog, my whole approach was to write about the foods that I love. I am not a chef. I’ve had no professional training. My only qualifications are that I know how to set up a blog, and I love to eat. I believe that EVERYONE can cook. Everyone can make one dish that they think is the most awesome food in the world.

That’s why I’m proud to announce…

This is a fun little social media / food experiment. I want to hear from you. I want to know what food you make that is mouthwateringly awesome. Do you have a special rub that you put on pork chops? Do you have a chili recipe that will knock a person’s cowboy boots off? Is there a meatball recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation that now you are the keeper of? Do you have a special late night “munchies” food that you have developed over years and years of, ahem, “research”?

I want to hear about it.

Not only that, I want you to do whatever you can to describe it in food porn details. I’ll take gratuitous shots of bubbling cheese on homemade pizza. I’ll take videos of slow roasted pork loins being sliced open as the juices run out. I’ll take descriptive prose that will put Penthouse Forum to shame. This is the internet after all. Since I can’t taste your creations through my computer (unless there is some new japanese technology out there that I am unaware of), I need you to be as descriptive and creative as possible.

mmmm... food porn!

As the recipes / videos / food porn money shots roll in, I’ll start to feature them on the blog. Once I reach a number that I think is worthy of a tournament, I’ll set up a voting system. I’m envisioning a March Madness type bracket. The hope is that at some point over the next year, a winner will be crowned.

For now the winner will be getting the satisfaction of being crowned “The Most Awesome Food on the Internet”. I’ll get a trophy made up. Hopefully, over the course of the year, I’ll accumulate some donated prizes.

Send your most awesome recipe to

Keep being awesome.

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0 thoughts on “Munchie Melee 2012- THE ULTIMATE COMPETITION!

  • Lydia

    I do hope you’ll compile all submissions into a book of sorts so we can access, share and try everyone’s recipes!!

    • Absolutely! I fully expect a few submissions from you!


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