Talking With Ben Sargent – Hook Line and Dinner

The Perfect Job
The Perfect Job

Every once in a while I get to do some pretty cool things in the name of food blogging. Friday, I got a chance to speak with the star of the Cooking Channel’s new show Hook Line and Dinner, Ben Sargent.

Ben pretty much has my dream job. Each week, he visits a new coastal locale where he teams up with the expert locals to secure the catch of the day, and then he follows that catch straight to the best seaside kitchens.

Ben is a New England guy living in Brooklyn. He’s obsessed with local fishing. I first noticed him with his attempts to bring fishing back to the borough through development of the Brooklyn Urban Anglers Association and the tournaments they hold every year.

He gained some notoriety last year with his underground lobster roll business that he set up out of his Greenpoint apartment. The experience was like buying drugs. A prospective buyer would call his cell phone to place the order and then pick up their score in his basement apartment kitchen.

Check out the interview below where we talk lobster rolls, bluefish, and of course his new show which is premiering tonight on the Cooking Chanel.


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  • I very well may have to amend the bacon rule and add a sub clause for mayonnaise.   What a great interview and commentary!  The video is awesome!  MORE MORE MORE!!

  • Thanks Mikey! I keep trying to add more video to the blog, but as you can imagine, it’s time consuming. Hopefully more soon!


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